Cathery Yeh

  • Cathery YehCathery Yeh
    Candidate for Director, At-Large

    Position:  Chapman University (Orange, California) Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education (2016–present)

    Education:  BS (psychology), MEd (urban education), University of California, Los Angeles; PhD (mathematics education, Chicano/Latino Studies graduate emphasis), University of California, Irvine (UCI)

    Previous Experience:  California State University, Fullerton, Foundational Level Mathematics Program Coordinator (2015–2016); UCI Researcher (2011–2016); Los Angeles Unified and Cypress Schools Public School Teacher (2000–2010)

    Memberships:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE); TODOS: Mathematics for All; California Mathematics Council-South

    NCTM Activities:  Publishing Committee (2018, 2008); Conference Committee; Teaching Children Mathematics Editorial Panel (2015–2019), Postscript Department Editor (2012–2015), Problem Solver Department Editor (2006–2008)

    Other Activities:  TODOS Conference Committee (2018)

    Publications:  Twenty-plus articles in Teaching Children Mathematics and Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching Mathematics PK–12; Catalyzing Change in Early Childhood and Elementary School (NCTM 2020); Co-author: Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom (2016)

    Honors:  AMTE Star Fellow (2017); UCI Mentoring Award (2015); Cypress School Teacher of the Year (2009); Lurie Center Teaching Award (2007)

    Statement:  We are living and teaching in a historic moment. As educators, we cannot go back to normal. Mathematics education must reframe and transform ideologies and practices around engagement, ability, and leadership that perpetuate social inequities. Critical change requires critical connections. NCTM must continue to honor the gifts that students, teachers, families, and communities bring to the table and to lead conversations with intention and care that promote collaboration and shared learning across stakeholders. 

    NCTM has been an integral part of my professional journey. As a classroom teacher, I made home visits and co-taught mathematics lessons with families and community-based organizations. Now, as a teacher educator, researcher, and writer, I have the privilege to work in urban, suburban, bilingual, inclusive, and special education classrooms. These experiences drive my commitment to serve and to promote systemic changes that support students and teachers to flourish.

    As a Board member, my priorities will be to continue to advance social justice from a systemic approach by putting teacher and student voices at the forefront and strengthening the diversity of representation in leadership, speakership, and authorship; spotlighting promising practices and policies that challenge the legacy of segregation with/in mathematics that denies access to meaningful learning for too many students; and strengthening partnerships to transform mathematics education by extending membership and professional engagement opportunities to parents and community organizations. I bring to the NCTM Board experience working with a broad range of education stakeholders as well as a deep humility and an enduring commitment to serve, listen, and learn.