Paola Sztajn

  • Paola SztajnPaola Sztajn
    Candidate for Director, At-Large 

    Position:  North Carolina State University (NCSU) Professor of Mathematics Education

    Education:  PhD (mathematics education), Indiana University

    Previous Experience:  University of Georgia Assistant/Associate Professor; Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Fellow/Assistant Professor; Centro Educacional de Niterói (Brazil) Middle School Mathematics Teacher

    Memberships:  National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM); National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM); Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE); American Educational Research Association (AERA) Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education (SIG-RME)

    NCTM ActivitiesJournal for Research in Mathematics Education Editorial Board (2006–2009)

    Other Activities:  AMTE Vice President, Advocacy, Equity, and Research (2017–2019); AERA SIG-RME Co-Chair and Chair (2013–2015); NCSU Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Department Head (2012–2017); National Science Foundation Program Officer (2005–2008)

    Publications:  Activating Math Talk: 11 Purposeful Techniques for Your Elementary Classroom (Corwin 2020); “Talk Is the Ticket to Teaching Math to English Learners,” The Learning Professional (2019); “Highlighting Theory to Connect Research and Practices,” Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (2018); “Change in Teachers’ Discourse about Students in a Professional Development on Learning Trajectories,” American Educational Research Journal (2017); “Supporting Sense Making with Mathematical Bet Line,” Teaching Children Mathematics (2016)

    Honors:  Judith Jacobs Lecture (AMTE 2020); Staff Senate Shout Out (NCSU 2018); Outstanding Extension Award (NCSU 2015); NCTM Translating Research to Practice Article Award (2014–2015

    Statement: Recruit. Support. Connect. Three strategic initiatives for NCTM to face current challenges and continue to lead. Because students need to experience mathematics teachers who look like them, a recruitment campaign in which every NCTM member becomes an influencer and recruits future mathematics teachers at their school is key to diversifying the mathematics teaching workforce and promoting student success. The role of states regarding education policies requires members’ local advocacy—an activity NCTM can strengthen through support for teachers’ voice in speaking up for the profession. At a time when information becomes free, the importance of belonging increases, suggesting NCTM can play a vital networking role in connecting members to welcome a new generation into the profession. Together, recruit, support, and connect can continue to ascertain NCTM’s leadership in access, equity, and empowerment.

    To the board I bring a strong conviction that we are better off when working collaboratively to solve disagreements and make collective decisions that move us forward. Dialogue and care are at the core of leading.