Jeffrey Corbishley

  • Jeffrey Corbishley

    Jeffrey Corbishley

    Candidate for Director – At-Large


    6-12 Math and Science Supervisor, Ridgefield Public Schools, Ridgefield, Connecticut (2021-Present).


    B.S. (Mathematics Education) and M.A. (Curriculum and Instruction), University of Connecticut; 6th-Year (Educational Leadership), University of Bridgeport, Connecticut 


    High School Math Department Chair, Ridgefield High School (2012-2021); Mathematics Teacher, Ridgefield High School (2008-2012)


    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England (ATMNE), Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut (ATOMIC)

    Leadership Experiences in Mathematics Education 

    NCTM Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (Chair, 2021-2022, Eastern 1 Rep, 2018-2022); NCSM (State Team Leader for CT, 2019-Present); ATMNE (President, 2020-2022, Conference Co-Chair, 2020-2021, Grant Committee Lead, 2019-Present); ATOMIC (Variety of Positions: Administrative Rep, NCTM Rep, Newsletter Editor, Conference Program Chair, 2016-Present).


    Mathematical Readiness of Entering College Freshmen: An Exploration of Perceptions of Mathematics Faculty (School Science and Mathematics, 2010); Constructing Complexity: Differentiating Mathematical Tasks to Match Learner Needs. (NCTM, 2009)


    2020 UConn School of Education Outstanding School Educator; 2019 Ridgefield High School Teacher of the Year; 2016 and 2017 NAGC Curriculum Award; 2010 NCTM Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award.  


    Ensuring that every student has access to an equitable mathematics experience requires that NCTM takes a leading role in the area of national discussion, professional development, and advocacy. Students’ experiences continue to vary based on socioeconomic status, race, gender, and special education status. NCTM must partner with other organizations in this work. The Affiliates of NCTM are one of the organization’s strongest allies as they have the highest direct connection to math educators. Working collaboratively around a common vision helps to ensure our goal of a quality math experience for all students is achieved.

    We are facing a sharp decline in the number of people entering and remaining in the teaching profession. While NCTM will not be able to add teachers to the classrooms, they do have the ability to advocate for keeping certification requirements high, drafting position statements, ensuring that members themselves are aware and have the ability to discuss the problem and solutions, and by making a strategic effort to advance and support the work of pre-service teachers using more modern communication methods.

    NCTM is only as strong as its diverse membership and will be stronger when we bring together individuals that have various viewpoints. Being able to learn and grow as an organization is critically important to continue the good work of NCTM.