Understanding and Reframing Learning Loss in Mathematics - Briefing

  • The Understanding and Reframing "Learning Loss" in Mathematics briefing brought together mathematics teachers and leaders from national, state, district, school, and classroom levels to reflect on the experiences of the previous year and lessons learned, and to look ahead to the goals, policies, and practices that can sustain and promote student success moving forward.  

    The webinar briefing will cover several topics:

    • •Organizing and defining goals for the coming year
    • •Supporting teachers and students with structures and processes
    • •Reviewing the policies and practices to consider or avoid
    • •Creating positive opportunities for student learning

    The panelists are:

    • Donna Leak, Superintendent at Community Consolidated Schools District 168 and Vice Chair of the Illinois State Board of Education
    • Levi Patrick, Assistant Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Oklahoma
    • Zachary Champagne, Lead Elementary Teacher, Discovery School, Florida