Affiliate Rebate Program

  • The Affiliate Rebate Program was revised to centralize the collection of NCTM dues payments and redirect the efforts of NCTM Affiliates towards promotion of the program. NCTM encourages Affiliates to promote the availability of the online application and renewal form for NCTM membership and to discontinue their collection of NCTM dues payments. Rebates are given only when members join or renew their NCTM membership online.

    How It Works:

    • Any individual who joins or renews membership online will be given the option to select an Affiliate to receive the rebate.

    • Only one Affiliate may be selected on the form for the rebate.  The list shows only those Affiliates in the individual’s state, as well as multi-state and at-large Affiliates.

    • Affiliates will not be required to verify an individual’s membership status in the Affiliate for this program.  Rebates will be provided to Affiliates from any individual who selects them on the online application or renewal.

    • Rebate amounts:
      • $3 for renewing full and e-members
      • $5 for new full and e-members
    • Existing business rules will apply to lapsed members who return to NCTM.  Currently, an individual is considered new after one year of non-membership in NCTM.

    • Multi-year rebates will be provided on multi-year memberships (i.e., a 3-year membership renewal will result in a $9 Affiliate rebate).

    • No rebates will be provided for Emeritus, Student, Institutional, or K-8 school memberships.
    • Rebates will be submitted to Affiliates on an annual basis, in September and November.

    Join NCTM and select your state or local Affiliate or an Affiliate-at-Large to receive a rebate.