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    NCTM is excited to offer a featured resource in your grade band each month to help you make the most of your NCTM membership. 

    CRCC Archived Featured Resources: 

    October 2017
    In October, we often feel the “click” of a class settling into a groove. Students know the routines, and weeks go by without interruptions for holidays or testing, thus giving you time to focus on teaching and learning. NCTM’s Classroom Resources Committee selected this month’s resources, which focus on the major work of each grade band or course. We hope that you find these resources helpful as your class shifts into high gear.

    September 2017
    In September, thoughts turn to getting to know our students as mathematical thinkers and learners. What do they understand about the major work of this grade or course? What key concepts or big ideas do they fully understand? What is the state of their problem-solving skills? Do they persevere and make sense of problems? Do they listen to and learn from one another? In this month’s featured resources, we focus on tasks that not only are great learning experiences for students but also help teachers get to know their students. We also focus on tasks around major ideas in each grade-band or subject area, so that teachers can focus on big ideas that develop over the course of an entire school year (or even multiple years).

    August 2017  
    This month’s featured resources discuss culture-building. What will you do in those first few days to help students understand what it means to do math together? As teachers work on engaging students in productive struggle, eliciting student thinking, facilitating discourse, and using multiple representations, students need support to understand that in this class, math means trying out new processes, talking about ideas, listening to others’ ideas, and trying to understand what is the same and what is different across ideas. We are focusing on routines that you can begin early in the year and on tasks that will help you diagnose your students’ skills in working together, sharing ideas, and listening productively and drawing on experiences that will help students think about what it really means to do math.

    July 2017 
    For many teachers, summer is a time of reflection and professional learning. This month, we will be showcasing some of NCTM’s many member resources for helping teachers reflect on their practice more broadly, from planning homework policies, to strategies for setting personal goals for improving teaching, to ways to improve collaborations with colleagues.

    June 2017 
    As we finish the U.S. school year, we have included resources from content strands that haven't had as many featured resources this year.

    May 2017
    For many U.S. classrooms, May is a tricky time of year. Teachers are balancing crazy end-of-year schedules, from testing to field trips to ceremonies, coupled with the potential distraction of warm weather and summer break. It’s a great time of year for activities that are tried and true, that get students engaged and active. That’s why we’re going to the mailbag for May’s featured resources to shine a spotlight on some activities that members have enjoyed using and let them tell you why.

    April 2017
    We feature two new treasure troves of resources for NCTM members. Our Activities with Rigor and Coherence (ARCs) have expanded to ten offerings, from counting in kindergarten through revisiting Barbie Bungee in statistics courses. The Math Forum at NCTM is proud to present sixty-two sets of Math Forum Problems of the Week Resources that are free to NCTM members. Each Problem of the Week includes a scenario and a problem based on the scenario, and a teacher packet includes student work, standards alignment, sample solutions, and a problem-solving and communication rubric.

    March 2017
     All pi day, all the time. After all, pi connects to measurement in primary and elementary school, to circles and proportions in middle school, and to everything from radian measure to areas of regular polygons to irrational numbers in high school. And pi connects, naturally, to pie. So take some time to celebrate this math-iest of holidays in March.

    February 2017
    Take advantage of many of NCTM’s technology-rich tools, from Illuminations interactives to journal articles that include technology to download or explore online. Plus we’ve got middle school math inspired by space travel for those of you who got excited by all the math in Hidden Figures, and a little algebra 1 Valentine’s Day chocolate as well.

    January 2017
    Get resources for exploring subtraction, growing patterns, Newton's Law of Cooling, the role of manipulatives, and more!

    December 2016
    December brings the famous Math Forum Year Game for reinforcing the order of operations, along with solar energy, old faithful, some tasty fractions (mmm, gator pie!), and complex numbers on a giant number line.

    November 2016
    Discover games for primary, turkey rules of thumb for elementary grades, some post-election analysis in statistics, as well as polygons, proportions, polynomials, and an important Algebra 1 lesson about drinking and driving.

    October 2016  
    Check out the inaugural round of Classroom Resource Collaboration Center featured offerings, including work with fractions using the French Fry Task, a lesson gathering real-world data to help novice algebraists, and problems with multiple solution paths.