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    CRCC Archived Featured Resources:

    January 2020

    Elementary (K-5)

    Counting Back and Counting On
    The Concrete, Representational, and abstract intersect in this hands-on lesson while also integrating literature and musical connections.

    Every Breath You Take
    Students estimate the number of breaths they take, then perform an experiment to find the actual amounts.

    Middle School (6-8)

    The Game of SKUNK
    This is a great math game for probability! Students love playing this game. You can have great discussions with students about whether or not they want to keep playing or bow out.

    High School (9-12)

    Axonometry: Applying Complex Numbers to Art
    Axonometry is an Illumination that has students discover relationships between complex numbers and graphing. Students make connections between algebraic and graphical representations of a complex number.