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    As a mathematics educator or researcher, your passion is ensuring that all students receive the highest quality math education possible. Membership in NCTM means access to the resources you need to turn your passion into measurable student learning outcomes. In addition to exclusive resources and the latest research, membership in NCTM connects you to an expansive network of fellow math educators who share your commitment to student success. Enhance your teaching expertise when you exchange solutions and first-hand insights within this community.

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    Illuminations works to serve you by increasing access to quality standards-based resources for teaching and learning mathematics, including interactive tools for students and instructional support for teachers. Let's work together to build a connected mathematics education community! Have you used an illuminations resource successfully in your classroom? Let us know and you might be featured on our website and in our e-newsletter!

    Do you have an original lesson that your students loved? Other students would love it too! Let us add it to our collection so other teachers can find it. They'll appreciate you, and you will receive credit too!

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    Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) is an exciting new NCTM journal with a unique point of view—your view as a practicing teacher of mathematics. MTLT offers readers a plethora of relevant articles and enriching, useful departments that have been enhanced with digital content, when possible. The journal spans pre-K–12 but continues to provide focused, grade-band-specific articles.

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    NCTM's conferences bring together mathematics educators, program administrators, students, researchers, and advocates to explore the latest research and learn from one another. Consider attending a Regional or Annual conference.

    This year’s Annual Meeting and Exposition will be held in Los Angeles, CA from September 28 – October 1. #NCTMLA22 has nearly 500 sessions and a stellar lineup of speakers! Interested in attending? Check out our schedule of events!        

    How is your school supporting successful online mathematics teaching and learning this school year?
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