Histogram Tool

  • Histogram Tool


    This tool can be used to create a histogram for analyzing the distribution of a data set using data that you enter or using pre‑loaded data that you select.


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    • At the top of the screen, choose one of the sets of data from Select a Data Set. A histogram will be generated automatically based on the data you select.
    • The Show Frequency Table button displays a frequency table based on the histogram.
    • The interval size can be changed by dragging the slider below the histogram. Alternatively, change the value in the Interval Size box, and then click Update Histogram.
    • The minimum, maximum, and a description can be entered, but the Update Histogram button must be pressed for any changes to take effect.
    • Press the Clear button to remove all data from the form at the bottom of the screen. Enter new data—one per line—by typing numbers into the form. At least two values must be entered, or a histogram will not be generated. When you've entered all data values, press the Update Histogram button.