Isometric Drawing Tool

  • Isometric Drawing Tool

    Create dynamic drawings on an isometric dot grid.

    Highlight the cube, face, or segment along the left navigation, and then place the object on the grid where you want it. HINT: Draw your shape from back to front and from bottom to top, to assure proper alignment of cubes.

    Create Mode

    There are two ways to move objects:

    1. Using the Arrow . Simply select and drag the object(s) to a new location.
    2. Unit Movement Buttons

    The other buttons along the top navigation serve various functions:

    IsometricDrawingTool IMAGE RotationButton Rotate the entire figure by dragging the image or by using the sliders.

    IsometricDrawingTool IMAGE EraserButton Use the Eraser to erase individual objects. You can also select multiple objects with the Pointer and then use the eraser to erase those objects.

    IsometricDrawingTool IMAGE ExplodeButton Explode - Change all cubes into faces. If two cubes share a face, the face will not be shown. Note that you can not undo this action.

    IsometricDrawingTool IMAGE PaintButton Use the Paint Brush to select a color before you create an object. You can also change the color once an object is created by selecting the object with the color you wish it to be.

    Inspect Mode

    In the Inspect Mode, you can:

    • See a 3D or 2D version of your isometric drawing
    • Print your isometric drawing, as it is shown in the workspace
    • Rotate your isometric drawing
    • Choose to display your isometric drawing with or without axis
    • Choose to display a solid or transparent isometric drawing

    You can reset all the view at any point by choosing the Reset View button. 

    The picture below shows three views of a figure from the front, right, and top. The entire figure uses a total of seven cubes. Can you construct the figure using the isometric drawing tool? (Be sure to use cubes of the proper color, too.)

    IsometricDrawingTool IMAGE ExplorationMatPlanExample

    What is the volume of this figure? What is its surface area?