Okta's Rescue

  • Okta's Rescue

    Count and subitize by playing a game.

    This activity is available for your phone in the Android Market or Apple App Store.  

    Select your game level to begin.

    • Level 1 : Target shown, 30 sec limit, and target range of 1-6
    • Level 2 : Target hidden, 45 sec limit, and target range of 1-12
    • Level 3 : Target hidden, 60 sec limit, and target range of 1-18
    • Custom : Choose your own settings

    Select Oktas to save them. You can either draw a curve around them or click them individually. Once you think you've collected the right number, click the chute to send them to a new ocean. Keep collecting as many as you can until the timer runs out.

    Count your Oktas and move the slider to that number on the number line. To help you count, Oktas are grouped into 10s. You can also draw rectangles around them. If you get your answer wrong, you will be given 2 choices:

    • Count Alone to try again without help.
    • Help Me Count to highlight the correct answer when you move your slider to it.

    Once you have the right answer, click OK to compare your score to your previous high score. Then, click Play Again to start a new game.  

    Is it faster to draw a curve around a group of Oktas or click on them one by one? Why?

    What is the most Oktas you can correctly group at once? Do you get better as you play more?

    How do you count the Oktas to find the number on the number line? What happens to the number line when you collect more or less of them in different games?