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    basketballCollege basketball playoffs are happening in the United States, making basketball pretty popular right now! One afternoon after school, four friends named Abby, Bill, Carla, and Damien decide to play a game of basketball. There are two players on each team. Your job is to figure out which team won the game given the following facts.

    1. Abby outscored her partner Bill by six points.
    2. The number of points scored by Damien can be found by reversing the digits of his favorite number, thirty-one.
    3. Bill scored half as many points as Carla.
    4. Carla scored three more than three times the points scored by her partner, Damien.

    Which team won and by how many points?

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    Carla and Damien outscored Abby and Bill by seven points.

    If your answer does not match our answer,

    • did you remember there were two players on each team?
    • did you find out the points Damien scored to help you with the other clues?
    • did you check your arithmetic?
    If any of those ideas help you, you might revise your answer, and then leave a comment that tells us what you did. If you're still stuck, leave a comment that tells us where you think you need help.

    If your answer does match ours,

    • have you clearly shown and explained the work you did, so that a fellow student would understand?
    • did you show how you know your answer is right?
    • try to describe any special observations or patterns you noticed?
    Revise your work if you have any ideas to add. Otherwise leave us a comment that tells us how you think you did - you might answer one or more of the questions above.

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