Calculation Nation in Math “Rotations”

  • Calculation Nation in Math “Rotations”

    Diana Flores

    Diana Flores, who has a self-contained classroom, teaches highly and profoundly gifted students in Phoenix, AZ. Flores says math "rotations" is a "big-kid way to say centers." Using math rotations, where students move through four stations, has helped Flores teach a multi-grade class with students' math ability levels ranging from 4th grade through 7 th grade.

    One of these math stations hosts computers, which students use frequently to visit Calculation Nation TM . "It has been great to see students, who might not otherwise pair up, find each other online and play the games with each other," Flores says. It is fun for students, and Flores is comfortable using it because, "[she] has confidence in the quality since it is from NCTM."

    New to teaching? Want more resources? Use the following lesson plans that have been made for specific Calculation Nation games:

    • Ker-Splash (6-8)
    • Drop Zone (3-8)
    • Times Square (3-8)
    • Flip-n-Slide (6-12)
    • Prime Time (6-8)
    • Factor Dazzle (3-5)
    • Fraction Feud (3-5)
    • Square Off (3-8)
    • Dig It (3-5)
    • Dirt Dash (6-8)
    • neXtu (3-5)