Kid Tested, Mom Approved

  • Kid Tested, Mom Approved

    Dana Slevin

    Teachers are not the only ones who encourage students to play Calculation Nation--parents do too! Dana Slevin, and her middle school daughters play Calculation Nation at home.

    As a parent, Slevin takes an active role in her children's education.  She is a member of the PTA, assists with homework and volunteers with the Girl Scouts. But this busy mom has time for one more thing--giving Calculation Nation her seal of approval.

    "It's a great way for kids to have fun with math.  They really enjoy playing with kids across the country and enjoy making their own Calculation Nation citizen," said Slevin. Slam Ball and Ker-Splash are family favorites.  She attributes the clean layout and fun colors as a reason why her daughters continue to come back to Calculation Nation for fun learning and games.

    The Slevins and all math strategy gamers will love the improvements recently made to Calculation Nation. Students can now safe chat with opponents, register from any country and continue to challenge themselves and others to fun, exciting mathematical games!