2009 Washington, D.C.

  • NCTM 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition

    Washington, D.C. • April 22–25, 2009

    Selected Webcasts


    Opening Session


    Coherence, Connections and Communication and Fraction Sense


    Engaging Students in Significant Mathematics


    Never Could Have Made It: A Tribute to Iris Carl


    With an Eye on the Mathematical Horizon, Knowing Mathematics for Teaching


    Equity: the Most Important and Challenging Issue Facing Our Schools


    Closing Session



    Thank you to the members of the Washington, D.C. Program Committee:

    Deborah Donovan (Program Chair)
    Maria Diamantis Ed Dickey
    Paula Duckett Bonnie Hagelberger
    Rita Janes Paul Kelley
    Noemi Lopez Jackie Nissen
    Marilyn Strutchens William Thill
    Candace Yamagata