Catalyzing Change in Middle School Mathematics

Engaging in Critical Conversations and Planning Actionable Steps

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Workshop Cost:

  • $160 with Annual Meeting Registration.
  • $210 workshop only.

Speakers: Sarah B. Bush and Christa Jackson

Grade Band:  Grades 6-8

Description: How might we ensure that each and every middle school student develops into a mathematically literate and engaged member of a democratic society? How do we develop a high-quality mathematics program that is equitable, just, and inclusive? In this workshop, we will present four recommendations for engaging middle school stakeholders in critical and needed conversations. Explore, discuss, and plan actions for broadening the purposes of learning mathematics, creating equitable structures, implementing equitable instruction, and developing deep mathematical understanding.

Goal: Develop an understanding of the four recommendations of Catalyzing Change in Middle School Mathematics and plan actionable next steps for initiating critical conversations in your setting.

Outcomes: Participants will –

  1. Investigate ways to initiate critical conversations to address barriers that limit access to high-quality middle school mathematics
  2. Surface and discuss inequitable structures including student and teacher tracking that inhibit students' agency regarding who can and cannot do mathematics
  3. Explore characteristics of equitable mathematics instruction that fosters students’ positive mathematical identities
  4. Develop action steps that will initiate change in middle school mathematics

Audience: 6-8 teachers, instructional coaches, curriculum coordinators and specialists, school counselors, building and district administrators, state and provincial policymakers and leaders