Supporting Number Development for All Students: K–3

Location: St. Louis Annual Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Workshop Cost:

  • $160 with Annual Meeting Registration.
  • $210 workshop only.

Speakers: Barbara Dougherty and Karen Karp

Description: Putting Essential Understanding of Number and Numeration into Practice, Pre-K–2 focuses on providing ways of developing number and numeration concepts and skills that build a strong foundation. In this session, we will look at a learning trajectory for developing number competency and extending those competencies into grade 3 and beyond. Participants will engage in tasks that can be used in their classroom as they analyze student work and consider the ways in which the tasks support stronger student understandings.

Goal: Understand ways to create stronger number conceptual understandings for children to build their competence, fluency, and confidence.


  1. Exploring trajectories for supporting stronger number development in early grades
  2. Using tasks that will uncover misconceptions and support number sense concepts
  3. Understanding of student thinking and leveraging their ideas

Grade Band: K–3

Audience: K–3 teachers, intervention teachers, special education teachers, coaches, curriculum coordinators, and administrators