Elementary Workshops

  • Elementary Workshops


    • Delise Andrews, Lincoln Public Schools
    • Susie Katt, Lincoln Public Schools
    • Latrenda Knighten, East Baton Rouge Parish School System
    • Beth Kobett, Stevenson University

    Session 1

    Connecting Discourse to Other Teaching Practices: Select and Use Tasks That Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving
    Strategic implementation of high-quality tasks provides a classroom environment where mathematical discourse can thrive. Participants will explore a variety of perspectives on enacting mathematics tasks (e.g., student work, differentiation, entry points).

    Session 2

    Discourse through the Lens of K– grade 2/grades 3–5 Content: Demystifying Word-Problem Structures
    Mathematics word problems provide context for mathematical concepts and operations. Students who engage in discourse around mathematical ideas within a context develop a deeper understanding of mathematics concepts. This new understanding improves confidence, increases opportunities for students to transfer learning, and positions students as mathematicians. This session will explore word-problem structures and instructional implications for teaching through contexts in the K–grade 2 or grades 3–5 classroom.

    Session 3

    Connecting Discourse to Other Teaching Practices: Use and Connect Mathematical Representations
    Making connections among mathematical representations deepens students’ understanding of mathematics concepts and procedures. Discourse is critical to this process. Participants will explore how engaging students in making connections among mathematical representations facilitates rich mathematical discourse in classrooms.

    Session 4

    Connecting Discourse to Other Teaching Practices: Pose Purposeful Questions            
    Effective mathematical discourse relies upon purposeful questioning. Participants will use and analyze questions to promote student thinking and reasoning about mathematics tasks.

    Session 5

    Taking Action in Your Classroom: Routines for Mathematical Discourse
    What was your best moment of discourse in your mathematics classroom? Imagine if you could get that to happen every day. Collaborate with your peers to leverage strengths in classroom discourse to design classroom routines that you can take back to your own classroom. 

    Session 6

    Discourse through the Lens of K– grade 2/grades 3–5 Content: Strategies for Developing Basic Facts and Computation K– grade 2 (+/-) or grades 3–5 (x/÷)
    Developing basic fact fluency through a number sense approach supports retention and builds students’ flexibility, efficiency, and competency in computation. This session will explore the role of mathematical discourse in developing students’ number sense in K– grade 2 or grades 3–5 classrooms.