School Leaders Workshops

  • School Leaders Workshops

    Understanding and Supporting Teachers' Enactment of the Effective Teaching Practices

    These sessions extend the elementary/secondary effective teaching practices workshops to address how school leaders—e.g., coaches, administrators, district leaders--can support teachers in implementing these practices, with emphasis on orchestrating meaningful discussions. Participants will analyze video clips and vignettes to identify key observational "look-fors" in teachers' enactment of the practices. They will also discuss effective strategies and policies to help teachers make productive shifts in their current instructional practices and develop a classroom culture that promotes the mathematics learning of each and every student.


    • Diane J. Briars

    Session 1

    Supporting Implementation of Tasks That Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving 
    Selecting high-quality tasks that support meaningful discourse is just a starting point for effective instruction. How tasks are enacted influences what students learn. In this session, leaders will analyze different enactments of high-quality tasks and discuss how these enactments support/hinder students' engagement in productive discussions. We will also discuss leadership actions to support teachers' effective enactments of high-quality tasks.

    Session 2 

    Supporting Connecting Mathematical Representations, Posing Purposeful Questions, and Establishing a Positive Classroom Culture
    In this session, leaders will analyze different patterns of classroom questioning and how they can support/hinder students' engagement in productive discussions. We will also discuss teaching strategies for engaging students in solving challenging tasks and establishing a positive classroom culture, and ways leaders can support teachers in this work.

    Session 3

    Effective Professional Learning and Planning Next Steps 
    In this session, leaders will examine characteristics of effective professional learning, including the essential role of collaborative teams, and specific ways leaders can support teams in their learning. Participants will also begin to create action plans to support teachers' use of meaningful discourse to improve mathematics teaching and learning in their school/district.