Pre-K–Grade 5 Workshops

  • Pre-K–Grade 5 Workshops


    • John SanGiovanni, Howard County Public Schools
    • Latrenda Knighten, East Baton Rouge Parish


    The institute will feature grade-band specific sessions that connect content and practice. Primary sessions will focus on the ideas of number, place value, and addition and subtraction as well as on general problem solving. Intermediate sessions will focus on fraction concepts including partitioning, fractions as numbers, equivalency, comparison, and adding and subtracting fractions.

    Session 1  

    Tasks for Reasoning and Problem Solving
    Effective teaching of mathematics engages students in solving and discussing tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving. In this session, participants will identify and select rich tasks to promote these ideas. Strategies for working with these tasks and supporting productive struggle will also be shared.

    Session 2

    Connecting Representations
    Effective mathematics teaching engages students in using representations to deepen their understanding of concepts, procedures, and applications. In this session, participants will examine various representations within the grade-band content.

    Session 3

    Building Procedural Fluency through Conceptual Understanding
    Effective mathematics teaching uses a foundation of conceptual understanding to build procedural fluency. In this session, participants will use grade-appropriate content to explore strategies for helping students develop conceptual understanding and build procedural fluency.

    Session 4

    Purposeful Questions and Mathematical Discourse
    Effective mathematics teaching facilitates discourse to develop shared understanding of mathematics concepts and uses questions to assess students’ reasoning. In this session, participants will investigate the art of purposeful questioning. Participants will also develop strategies for engaging students in mathematical discourse that analyzes and compares student reasoning.

    Session 5

    Evidence of Student Thinking
    Effective teaching of mathematics uses evidence of student understanding to adjust and extend learning. In this session, participants will explore criteria for student understanding and apply it to student work. This session will also highlight the connections of concepts and practices featured throughout the institute.