Infinity Bar at Research Conference

  • Infinity Bar at Research Conference - Ask, discuss, & connect

    The Infinity Bar gives you multiple chances to sit down with senior scholars spanning the field of mathematics education research. Ask them about their areas of expertise or just how they make things work. No sign-up necessary. Just come and be part of the conversations. Sessions run parallel to the conference program.

    Tuesday Table 1  Table 2 Table 3 Table 4
     8:30 am  Barbara Dougerty  Olive Chapman    
     10:00 am  Karen Karp & Russel Gersten  Robert Berry  W. Gary Martin   Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis
     11:30 am  Marilyn Strutchens  Chris Franklin & Anna Bargagliotti  Trena Wilkerson  Josh Males
     1:45 pm  Jinfa Cai  Marty Simon  Judith Quander  Gregory V. Larnell
     Wednesday  Table 1 Table 2  Table 3  Table 4 
     8:00 am  Brian Lawler  Amanda Jansen  Sue Peters  
     11:15 am  Jennifer Langer-Osuna  Christine Suurtamm  Stacy K. Boote  
     1:30 pm  Angela Barlow  Tim Boerst    
     3:00 pm  Karen Hollebrands  Imani Goffney