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  • Additional Webinars

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    Initiating Critical Conversation and Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics

    Speakers:  Robert Berry, Matt Larson, and Karen Graham                               
    July 19, 2018                                                  

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    To catalyze change in high school mathematics will require critical conversations within and between key influential groups, one of them being the mathematics teacher education community. NCTM and AMTE are partnering to bring the community of teacher educators and all interested in high school mathematics to reflection on the recommendations in Catalyzing Change; identify areas for critical conversations and additional audiences; and consider next steps to support increased dialogue and change. A recent webinar by Matt Larson on Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics provides an background for this webinar with an overview of Catalyzing Change centering on the following serious challenges:

    • explicitly broadening the purposes for teaching high school mathematics beyond a focus on college and career readiness;
    • dismantling structural obstacles that stand in the way of mathematics working for each and every student; implementing equitable instructional practices;
    • identifying Essential Concepts that all high school students should learn and understand at a deep level; and
    • organizing the high school curriculum around these Essential Concepts in order to support students' future personal and professional goals.

    This webinar is related to AMTE’s Strategic Priority #2 for 2018: Understand the commonalities and differences among policy documents across various organizations that intersect with the work of AMTE. Babette Benken has lead the work connected to this strategic priority.

    Special thanks to the AMTE leadership for engaging in this collaboration.
    Randy Phillipp - President
    Mike Steele - President-Elect
    Tim Hendrix - Executive Director
    Lynn Breyfogle - Vice President for Professional Learning
    Sam Eskelson - Associate Vice President for Professional Development