Making New Year's Resolutions? Resolve to Get a MET Grant

  • Making New Year's Resolutions? Resolve to Get a MET Grant

    By Ralph Connelly
    January 2, 2018

    While you’re in the process of making (and hopefully keeping ☺) your New Year’s Resolutions, why not add, “Apply for an NCTM Mathematics Education Trust Grant” to your list.

    The good news is you’ll have a few months to put your resolution into action—applications aren’t due until May 4, 2018.

    Do you think you have a great idea for creatively using technology to teach mathematics this year? There’s a grant for that!

    Are you in a college program and planning to teach mathematics? Could you use some financial help? Check out:

    Are you already teaching and looking to do further coursework in mathematics/mathematics education? Then these grants might be of interest:

    Is your school looking to do in-service training in mathematics? MET has grants that could help:

    Do you have an idea for an Action Research Project? MET has a grant that funds collaborative research that involves PreK-8 teachers and/or coaches, Preservice teachers and university faculty:

    So resolve to make 2018 the year when you advance the teaching and learning of mathematics for you and your students with a Mathematics Education Trust grant. Happy New Year!


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