New Round of Grants for May 2018!

  • New Round of Grants for May 2018!

    By M. Alejandra Sorto
    November 7, 2017

    Fall is a great time to start planning for MET Grants and Scholarships due May 4, 2018! We have funding opportunities for prospective and in-service teachers, including instructional coaches.  

    Need help to pay for college? Look up the following scholarship opportunities:

    Prospective Mathematic Teachers Scholarships

    Mathematics Teachers Scholarships


    Need help to pay for PD programs?  Look at the following grants, which fund activities such as attendance to conferences or workshops, or materials for the classroom, including technology.

    Funding for Professional Development


    Have an idea for an Action Research Project? We have a grant that funds collaborative research, including instructional coaches.

    Collaboration between Pre-K-8 Preservice Teachers, Teachers/Coaches, and University faculty


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