These Grants Could Be for Canadians, Eh?

  • These Grants Could Be for Canadians, Eh?

    By Ralph Connelly
    June 28, 2017

    That’s right! Canadians (and other North American Teachers) are encouraged to apply to the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) of NCTM for the grants and awards that are available! While working at the MET booth at the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio in April of this year, I was surprised at the number of teachers from Canada who told me that they assumed that these grants were only for teachers who lived in the U.S.  With the power of my awesome mathematics background, I was able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that this was why, in this my first year on the MET Board, I did not see ANY grant applications from Canada!  So, I’m hoping those Canadians I talked to in San Antonio, and those reading this blog, will spread the word and let others know that as long as you are a full individual or e-member of NCTM (or if you teach at a school with a current NCTM Pre-K-8 school membership), you are indeed eligible to apply for a MET grant/award. 

    There are essentially two “cycles” of grants, one group that has a May deadline that has just passed, and another group that has a November 3, 2017 deadline, which is the group of grants I’d encourage you to look at now and consider applying for.  The grants in this group are:

    Emerging Teacher Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics Grants (up to $6000)

    7-12 Classroom Research Grants (up to $6000—involves a collaboration between a classroom teacher and a university mathematics educator)

    Pre-K-6 Classroom Research Grants (up to $6000—involves a collaboration between a classroom teacher and a university mathematics educator)

    Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grant ,Grades 6–8 (up to $3000)

    Equity in Mathematics Grants, Grades 6–8 (up to $8000)

    Using Music to Teach Mathematics, Pre-K–Grade 2 (up to $3000)

    Teacher Professional Development Grants—There are 3 of these, one for grades 9-12, one for grades 6-8, and one for Pre-K–Grade 5 (up to $3000)

    Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas, Grades 9–12 (up to $4000)

    Improving Students’ Understanding of Geometry, Pre-K–Grade 8 (up to $4000)

    Future Leader Initial NCTM Annual Meeting Attendance Award, Pre-K–Grade 12 (up to $1500 + conference registration)

    So check out the information on these grants available on the NCTM website under Grants and Awards, apply for a grant and/or encourage your colleagues to do so!  Hope to see some applications from Canada next time around!

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    Kathy Pilon - 8/14/2017 11:06:16 AM

    Thanks for letting us know. I will share with teachers in my area. 

    Ralph Connelly - 8/10/2017 12:43:08 PM

    Great to see so many viewing the blog and commenting!  It sounds like the word will get around! Thanks to you all for sharing the news.   I'm looking forward to reviewing some proposals from Canadians for the November deadline grants!!  :)

    Jhonel Morvan - 8/10/2017 11:21:08 AM

    Great news for us Canadians. Let's encourage our colleagues to participate.

    Deirdre Timusk - 7/31/2017 4:44:20 PM

    Thanks for letting us know!


    alessia fornasier-reilly - 7/27/2017 3:42:25 PM

    Thanks for this. I will pass it along to my Canadian colleagues. That's awesome.

    Kevin Williams - 7/27/2017 12:16:42 PM

    Canadians eh?  Who knew!  This is great news and I'll definitely share with my fellow teachers.  

    Andrea Therrien - 7/27/2017 10:15:14 AM

    Brilliant!  I would love to learn more about the opportunities for funding and research!  I work for a school board in Northern Ontario and and definitely interested. Thank you!


    Ralph Connelly - 7/27/2017 8:59:38 AM

    I don't pretend to know much about the "blogosphere" (is that really a word?   :)   ,  but it is really gratifying to me to see so many of you taking time from your summer schedules to read the blog, post comments, and spread the word.  Thank you so much to all! 

    Christopher Stewart - 7/26/2017 10:13:32 PM

    This is fantastic news, Ralph. With an increased focus on improving teaching & learning Mathematics in Ontario, various teacher leaders can benefit from being able to access funding for their innovations, research, and leadership. I will certainly share these opportunities with my colleagues in Upper Canada. 

    Ralph Connelly - 7/27/2017 8:52:48 AM

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for posting.  There is actually a new grant that wasn't included in my list on the blog that might also be of interest. This grant is supported by the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and NCTM jointly. Here's the information on it:

    • NEW Teacher-Leader Professional Learning Grant (PreK-12) 
      This grant provides professional learning assistance for mathematics teachers and mathematics teacher-leaders. It must focus on one of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics' (NCSM) signature initiatives: formative assessment, digital learning, or access-equity-empowerment. The grant of up to $4,000 is supported by NCSM and NCTM and awarded to a school. Deadline: November 6, 2017.

    This is another opportunity you might wish to share.


    Cathy Chaput - 7/26/2017 8:28:48 PM

    Wow, Ralph, what wonderful information.  We really appreciate you sharing it with us!!

    jack LeSage - 7/26/2017 5:55:07 PM

    Thanks Ralph for the reminder.  I am currently volunteering at the Literacy Council teaching lifeskills mathematics to adult students, some of whom are learning to read and write.  There should be a good research project there somewhere!

    Katharine Piotrowski - 7/26/2017 4:38:24 PM

    Excellent news!  Canada is on board!

    Siobhain Broekhoven - 7/26/2017 4:25:46 PM

    This is awesome!  "National Council of Teachers of Math" thinking outside the Nation! It could be "Continental" Council of Teachers soon...  Seriously, this is great news and making me think outside the regular parallelepiped.

    Ron Lancaster - 7/26/2017 4:07:23 PM

    Dear Ralph:  Thank you for letting us know that Canadians are allowed to apply for these grants.  The NCTM has often taken us for "grant"ed and it is nice to see that they are opening things up for us to apply for these grants.  I will spread the word.  Ron

    Beth Hulan - 7/21/2017 4:34:36 PM

    I had no idea that NCTM funded Canadian projects! 

    Now that I am back in the classroom I am definitely missing the research piece of my former job-

    Thanks for the information :)

    Ralph Connelly - 7/23/2017 9:02:01 AM

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for posting!  I hope you'll find something of interest to you among the MET Grant offerings.  I also hope you'll spread the word to your colleagues. I know we have many exciting things happening with regard to classroom mathematics, and would love to see some grant/award applications coming from Canada.

    Ralph Connelly - 7/20/2017 10:48:18 AM

    I am so excited to see this blog post being read and the information shared!! Thank you to my OMCA/OAME colleagues for checking this out, and an extra thanks to those who've taken the time to comment--it's really nice to know that the information is getting out there.

    Grace Mlodzianowski - 7/20/2017 9:16:50 AM

    Thank you Ralf for sharing this great news with us! It is worth to be shared.

    I am certain there will be teachers willing to take the opportunity to effectively embed their current professional learning programs,to build the capacity and to take charge of enriching  their own practice in teaching mathematics through the research and collaboration.

    Ross Isenegger - 7/20/2017 7:46:56 AM

    Thanks for this, Ralph - I will keep my ears open for promising applicants.

    Nancy Snyder - 7/19/2017 9:10:14 PM

    Thanks Ralph.  I wasn't aware of our eligibility for these grants. Will definitely be advertising them. 

    Sonia Ellison - 7/19/2017 2:55:39 PM

    What a great opportunity ... and a great way to celebrate Canada150!

    I am sure there are lots of Canadian teachers who can make use of this funding.

    Thanks for the reminder, Ralph.

    Ralph Connelly - 7/19/2017 3:22:54 PM

    Thanks for posting, Sonia.  And you're absolutely right--I would LOVE to be able to announce some Canadian grant winners as a culmination of Canada 150!!  :) 

    Greg Clarke - 7/19/2017 1:34:46 PM

    Really?  We're eligible?  That's great!  

    Thanks for sharing that news, Ralph.  I'll definitely think about who I can share this news with - lots of amazing math going on up here in the Great White North and some incredible math teachers worthy of awards and support! 

    Ralph Connelly - 7/19/2017 2:33:05 PM

    Hi Greg, thanks for commenting.  By all means spread the word. Would love to see some applications come in from Canada in the next round of grants/awards  (November 3, 2017 deadline).