Alexandra Otto(1)

  • 2016 Future Leader Initial NCTM Annual Meeting Attendance Awards Recipient

    Alexandra Otto

    Kodiak Middle School, Kodiak, Alaska

    Bringing Best Mathematical Practice to Rural Alaska

    Thousands of miles away from where many of you will be reading this lies an island off the coast of Alaska with a population that uses mathematics every day: in fishing, military applications, education, trades, and economics. We need to be skilled not only in computation, but also in the standards of mathematical practice.  I plan to attend the NCTM 2016 conference so that I can learn new methods and best practices to help our rural students in Kodiak, Alaska gain strategies to build number sense and mathematical reasoning.  I will bring information and resources back to share with my middle school, community, and other rural communities throughout Alaska to increase rigor in order to make sure all students reach their full potential in mathematics.