Kathleen (Casey) Crane

  • 2012-13 Improving Students' Understanding of Geometry Grants Recipient

    Kathleen (Casey) Crane

    Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey

    Geometry through the Seasons

    This project, Geometry through the Seasons, proposes to magnify student curiosity and thirst for learning by establishing a garden in which children experience and learn geometry. Concepts and content will be introduced in the classroom, followed by the children going on "garden hunts" to identify the concept under study.

    Concepts and content will focus on identifying, comparing, and analyzing attributes of two and three-dimensional shapes and developing vocabulary to describe the attributes. The children will classify three-dimensional shapes according to their properties and develop definitions of classes of shapes. Angles will be highlighted in the plant material, as well as points, lines, and line segments. Line and rotational symmetry will also be highlighted.

    The children will sketch and take notes in their Geometry through the Season's notebooks. Their sketches will be enlarged and painted. The children will also work with Model Magic to create 3-D models. Photographs will be taken to create a permanent class record.