Sunland Elementary School, Phoenix, Arizona

  • 2015-16 School In-Service Training Grants (6-8) Recipient

    Sunland Elementary School

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Arizona State University-led Professional Development

    Our 6th-8th grade mathematics teachers have consistently performed above the district average, but we would like to see a stronger performance from our students in those grades when compared to the state, particularly in the area of mathematics. We would like to have a Math Consultant work with our 6th-8th grade mathematics teachers one day per week, providing planning and execution support, focusing on a more constructivist approach to instruction. The consultant would support teachers in implementing technology and provide assistance to teachers in analyzing classroom data to evaluate growth and make instructional decisions. Teachers will utilize technology in their instruction to allow students to develop their conceptual understanding while exposing them to resources they may not have access to in their home. We will collect data from pre- and post-assessments to measure the effectiveness of such a position and make recommendations to the rest of our district partner schools.