Upper Nyack Elementary School

  • 2012-13 School In-Service Training Grants (Pre-K-5) Recipient

    Upper Nyack Elementary School

    Upper Nyack, New York

    Meaningful In-Service Education in Mathematics

    This proposal contains two primary objectives: 

    1. To enhance the mathematical knowledge of grant recipients by attending conferences and/or workshops related to the Mathematics CCSS. Conference attendees will be able to design lessons that align to CCSS. Teachers will be going deeper into the standards to identify, understand, and implement significant instructional shifts implicit to the CCSS.

    2. To enhance the knowledge and abilities of the grant recipients to create meaningful and engaging math lessons related to the new CCSS. To use Lesson Study as a form of long-term professional development in which teams of teachers collaboratively plan, research, and study their lesson instruction as a way to determine how students learn best. This process will allow teacher to create math lessons that apply deep conceptual knowledge and fluency with operations. Teachers will develop habits of self-reflection and critical thinking through very personal collaboration with their colleagues and structured observation of their students to ensure student success.