Referral Program

  • To help you refer a friend, we've outlined the benefits and options of membership. Consider downloading and distributing the following PDF:
    Membership Brochure

    How it Works

    NCTM's member referral program is an opportunity for you to refer colleagues and friends for NCTM membership—and, in return, receive great gifts and prizes. With your help, your nonprofit membership association can grow to the next level, help more people, serve you even better, and be a stronger advocate for mathematics education.

    With your very first referral, you'll receive a $5 NCTM gift certificate to spend on resources, conferences, or membership renewal. Receive even more gifts when you reach 5, 10, and 25 new member referrals and by being a top recruiter.

    It only takes a few moments to participate and the rewards add up quickly. This year's program runs through June 30, 2018.

    Thank you, have fun, and good luck! 

    Not an NCTM member yourself yet?    Join now!
    Enjoy the benefits of membership plus the rewards of the referral program. 

    Getting Started

    1. Confirm Your Status—Make sure you are a current NCTM individual member.
    2. Set a Goal—Start with an easy goal, such as recruiting one new member—which earns a $5 NCTM gift certificate. Next, try for four more member referrals, which earns a $10 NCTM gift certificate. Once you see how easy it is, keep going, because the prizes keep adding up.
    3. Spread the Word—Distribute applications in print or by email to your colleagues, friends, administrators, prospective mathematics teachers, college students, and others who are involved in mathematics education, and encourage them to join. Mention that NCTM membership offers timely, valuable, and vital professional benefits at a great price, such as special training and resources on the Common Core Standards. Also note how membership has helped you.
    4. ID Yourself—Add your member ID number after "I was referred by an NCTM member" on printed applications, or provide it to those you are referring to mention online or over the phone.
    5. Use Social Media—Post notes about membership and links to on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social networking pages.
    6. Follow Up—See whether your contacts have questions and encourage them to apply.
    7. Watch the Deadline—the program runs year round, but this year's prizes and gifts will apply for all qualifying applications received by June 30, 2018. Applications received after that date will be counted toward next year's program.
    8. Have Fun! 

    Prizes and Gifts

    Although we live in an age of electronic communications, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most valuable ways to introduce others to NCTM. As a recruiter, you are supporting not only NCTM but also mathematics education. For your efforts, we want to thank you with some great prizes and gifts.

    The Prizes

    The top three recruiters will receive these gifts:

    • Top recruiter: $50.00 VISA gift card
    • Second-place recruiter: $50.00 Amazon gift card
    • Third-place recruiter:  $25.00 VISA gift card

    The Referral Gifts 

    If you refer between 1 and 4 new members, you will receive— 

    • $5.00 in NCTM gift certificates.

    If you refer between 5 and 9 new members, you will receive—

    • $10.00 in NCTM gift certificates.

    If you refer between 10 and 25 new members, you will receive—

    • your next year of NCTM membership FREE!
    • $25.00 in NCTM gift certificates.

    If you refer more than 25 new members, you will receive—

    • your next year of NCTM membership FREE!
    • a FREE registration to one of the following NCTM events:
      • Annual Meeting & Exposition
      • Research Conference
      • Innov8 Conference
      • Regional Conference & Exposition
    • $50.00 in NCTM gift certificates.

    The Rules

    There a few things you should know about prizes and eligibility. First and foremost, the NCTM Member Referral Program prizes and rewards are NCTM member benefits. So, if you are not sure of your membership status, stop right now and call us at 800-235-7566 to confirm, renew, or sign up. Otherwise, read on.


    • Only members in good standing are eligible for prizes and gifts.
    • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
    • Employees of NCTM and NCTM vendors, as well as the immediate families and members of the households of such persons, are ineligible.
    • Please note that although all membership renewals and applications are welcome and will be processed for membership, the following application types will not be eligible for the NCTM Member Referral Program gifts and prizes:
      1. Membership renewal applications for yourself or someone else
      2. Applications from those who were NCTM members during the last year of the promotion
      3. Emeritus and Pre-K–8 school memberships
      4. Membership awarded as part of educational programs or as institutional gifts

    Other Rewards  

    • NCTM gift certificates, free memberships, and VISA and Amazon gift cards will be awarded after June 30, 2018.
    • Free memberships include one school journal (Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, or Mathematics Teacher) and do not include the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education or Mathematics Teacher Educator. JRME and additional journals must be purchased at the member’s expense.
    • The VISA gift card may be used wherever VISA is accepted; please see VISA's web sitefor complete details.
    • VISA and Amazon are registered trademarks and are neither participants in the NCTM Member Referral Program nor sponsors of NCTM.

    All Prizes and Rewards 

    • Applications received after June 30, 2018, will count toward next year's program.
    • Prizes cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
    • Some restrictions may apply; void where prohibited by law.
    • Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of all prizes and rewards.