• March 2, 2020

    Centennial Year Celebration

    As we celebrate NCTM's 100th year, this NCTM 100 timeline reflects on the organization's contributions and accomplishments, and places them in a broader historical, educational, and mathematical context.

    NCTM's Centennial celebration features a lineup of special events and activities during 2020. This month, it's March Mathness at NCTM! Download your bracket and vote in our Twitter polls this month to help decide which of the celebrated books published by NCTM between 1980 and 2020 will advance all the way to the championship round. The winning title will be announced on NCTM's Twitter page and on this website. #MarchMathness

    The NCTM Centennial Annual Meeting & Exposition has been canceled. For more information please visit the NCTM Events and COVID-19 page.