Popular Workshop Series Returns

  • November 13, 2023

    NCTM's Interactive Institute Brings Targeted Learning Opportunity to Nashville

    After a multi-year hiatus, NCTM's Interactive Institute workshop series returns this January 22-23 in Nashville. Helping Your Students Thrive: Tools for Effective Intervention will give attendees the opportunity to explore how to incorporate research- and evidence-based practices that support effective teaching to improve student learning. 

    This new, two-day Institute will focus on mathematics tasks that build students' conceptual understanding to create a foundation for skill development. Learning progressions that build prerequisite skills will be integrated throughout to enhance students' accessibility to grade level content.  

    In addition, attendees will:

    • Review the structure and features of common multi-tiered systems such as Response to Intervention (Rtl).
    • Engage in tasks to support teaching concepts of number, algebra, and geometry at grades 2-12 for students who struggle in mathematics.
    • Investigate foundational concepts and skills to teach grade-level content.
    • Explore instructional techniques that are evidence-based and enhance student achievement.

    Early-bird registration rates are available through Wednesday, November 29. 

    Click here to learn more and register for the NCTM Interactive Institute.