• Skimming: A Response to Weber and Mejía-Ramos

    Matthew Inglis and Lara Alcock
    In a recent article, Inglis and Alcock (2012) contended that their data challenge the claim that when mathematicians validate proofs, they initially skim a proof to grasp its main idea before reading individual parts of the proof more carefully. This result is based on the fact that when mathematicians read proofs in their study, on average their initial reading of a proof took half as long as their total time spent reading that proof. Authors Keith Weber and Juan Pablo Mejía-Ramos present an analysis of Inglis and Alcock's data that suggests that mathematicians frequently used an initial skimming strategy when engaging in proof validation tasks. See Inglis and Alcock's response to Weber and Mejía-Ramos on pages 472-74. A download will include both articles.
    Online Addition:Inglis and Alcock 12FixPlots.pdf