Call for Manuscript: Connecting Research to Teaching: Bridging the Divide

  • Call for Manuscript: Connecting Research to Teaching: Bridging the Divide


    This call for manuscripts is soliciting submissions to the Connecting Research to Teaching department in the Mathematics Teacher journal.


    Have you ever noticed a gap between research and practice? How can research effect change in the classroom? The Connecting Research to Teaching department of Mathematics Teacher (MT ) invites classroom teachers to explore research findings in relation to their practice. MT also invites education researchers to demonstrate how results from their studies shape classroom practice. Findings from collaborative action research projects are also encouraged. Evidence of connections from research to practice commonly includes student work and brief transcripts from interviews or classroom videos.

    The following are some ideas to consider:

    • Does your research have the potential to change classroom practice?

    • What urgent questions emerge in learning environments?

    • In what ways is current research reflected in the classroom?

    • How does research inspire innovation in the classroom?

    Manuscripts should include the research context and should be written with the classroom teacher as reader in mind. A good way to focus your material is to identify one clear message for teachers. Sharing student work where appropriate is encouraged. Manuscripts must be 2500 words or fewer.

    For submission guidelines, see

    Articles published in this department are eligible for NCTM’s Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award. For more about this award, go to