About Mathematics Teacher Educator

  • About Mathematics Teacher Educator

    The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the  Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) are excited to partner on this joint online journal.  

    Mission and Goals

    Mathematics Teacher Educator contributes to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge. The journal provides a means for practitioner knowledge related to the preparation and support of teachers of mathematics to be not only public, shared, and stored, but also verified and improved over time (Hiebert, Gallimore, and Stigler 2002).

    Mathematics Teacher Educator is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal for practitioners. Two issues of the journal are published each year (for members only) and the cost is an additional $20 for Full Individual members, and $10 for Student and Emeritus members.


    The primary audience of Mathematics Teacher Educator is practitioners in mathematics teacher education, with practitioner broadly defined as anyone who contributes to the preparation and professional development of pre-K–12 pre-service and in-service teachers of mathematics. Mathematics teacher educators include mathematics educators, mathematicians, teacher leaders, school district mathematics experts, and others.

    The 2014 Mathematics Teacher Educator session (PDF) at the NCTM Research Conference provides additional information about the scope and purpose of the journal and criteria for manuscripts.  

    Write for MTE

    The journal welcomes manuscripts that address a problem or issue in mathematics teacher education, the methods/interventions/tools that were used, the means by which these methods/interventions/tools are their results were studied and documented, and the application of the results to practice.

    Creating an MTE manuscript.

    Call for manuscripts:

    MTE Special Issue: Equity, Identity, and Power Manuscripts 

    Ethics Statement

    MTE is committed to the ethical treatment of all involved in the publishing process.  

    A guest editor is assigned to manuscripts authored by any individuals who have a conflict of interest with the editorial team. 

    We expect manuscript authors to adhere to accepted publishing standards ethics. Authors must accept sole responsibility for the factual accuracy of their contributions and for obtaining permission to use data and copyrighted sources. 

    Similarly we expect reviewers to adhere to ethical reviewer practices. Reviewers should honor the confidentiality and intellectual property of manuscripts, should be respectful in communicating their feedback, and should provide feedback that is honest and unbiased. All communications regarding manuscripts are privileged. Reviewers are expected to report to the editor any conflict of interest, suspicion of duplicate publication, fabrication of data or plagiarism.

    Editorial Board

    Karen Hollebrands, Editor

    Valerie Faulkner, Associate Editor

    Panel Members

    Laura Bofferding, Panel Chair 

    Matt Campbell, Panel Member

    Zandra de Araujo, Panel Member

    Keith Leatham, Panel Member

    Alison Castro Superfine, Panel Member

    Rajeev Virmani, Panel Member

    Beth Kobett, NCTM Board Liaison

    Marielle Myers, AMTE Board Liaison

    Babette Benken, AMTE VP of Publications

    David Barnes, NCTM Staff Liaison

    Mathematics Teacher Educator Acceptance Rate  

    The acceptance rate for the Mathematics Teacher Educator journal is the percentage of submitted articles accepted during three consecutive calendar years; It is calculated by summing the total number of articles accepted (accept, accept with major revisions, and accept with minor revisions) and dividing that number by the total number of articles submitted (new manuscripts and revised manuscripts). The acceptance rates are shown in the table that follows.  

    Three year period Accepted Submitted Acceptance Rate
    Jan 2014 - Dec 2016 24 214 11.20%
    Jan 2015 - Dec 2017 25 177 14.10%
    Jan 2016 - Dec 2018 24 153 15.70%
    Jan 2017 - Dec 2019 30 163 18.40%
    Jan 2018 - Oct 2020 26 183 14.20%