Investigating Integer Restrictions in Linear Programming

  • Investigating Integer Restrictions in Linear Programming

    Thomas G. Edwards, Kenneth R. Chelst, Angela M. Principato, and Thad L. Wilhelm
    Restricting variables to integer values can lead to interesting classroom dialogues.
    Linear programming (LP) is an application of graphing linear systems that appears in many Algebra 2 textbooks. Although not explicitly mentioned in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, linear programming blends seamlessly into modeling with mathematics, the fourth Standard for Mathematical Practice (CCSSI 2010, p. 7).
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    Penelope Tolle - 6/7/2019 3:35:18 PM

    This is such a good problem, not only for its use of a popular graphing program, but because of the reminder to students that not every function is continuous. I never used this exact problem, because my school was using the Mathematics Vision Project materials, which had a similar problem. And I mention this because I could have replaced that problem with this one, but that meant creating the worksheets. We are no longer encouraged to teach to the students, but to give them worksheets that are so well designed that students can work in groups to arrive at a meaningful answer, while teachers circulate around and only guide students in their work. Most teachers, like me, don’t have time to create a lot of new materials during the year and are dependent on ones that are already developed and work. So it is unfortunate that this really great problem didn’t come with a really great worksheet for students to use in solving it, and then keep for their records.