A Mathematics Greenhouse

  • A Mathematics Greenhouse

    Anthony M. Rodriguez
    Students create authentic models in community-based projects while learning about composting and mathematics.
    An old, unused greenhouse in the middle of the campus inspired me to think of all the ways that this building could become a laboratory for inventing, building, and using mathematical models to teach core algebra concepts and skills. As a result, I developed the Cibola Greenhouse and Composting Company. My students, all of whom have disabilities, engaged in project-based learning and transferred habits of hard work and perseverance to the math classroom. This article shows howproject-based learning and skilled manual labor developed dispositional habits in learners; sets forth the connections between greenhouse work and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSI 2010); and presents suggestions for practice in your mathematics classroom. Throughout, reflective feedback from the students describes their experience in this program.
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