Making STEM Connections

  • Making STEM Connections

    Sheryl L. Stump, Joel A. Bryan, and Tom J. McConnell
    Acting as quality control engineers and service providers, students collaborate to engage, explore, and explain their results.
    Integrated approaches to education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), especially those set in the context of real-world situations, can motivate and deepen students’ learning of the STEM subjects (National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council 2014). This article describes two integrated investigations used with mathematics and science teachers of grades 5–12 who participated in a three-year mathematics and science partnership called Engineering STEM Success. The coauthors, two science educators and one mathematics educator, describe how the investigations were used to deepen teachers’ knowledge of mathematics and science and make connections among STEM content areas. We also offer suggestions for using the investigations with secondary school students.
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