Creating a Hybrid Immersive Mathematics Experience

  • Creating a Hybrid Immersive Mathematics Experience

    Miriam Gates, Tracy Cordner, Bowen Kerins, Al Cuoco, Eden Badertscher, and Gail Burrill
    With this professional development program, teachers work with colleagues and experience a manner of teaching that embeds habits of mind.
    The Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice (CCSSI 2010) elevate the ways of thinking used to create mathematical results to the same level of importance as the results themselves. These mathematical habits of mind (MHoM), or “specialized ways of approaching mathematical problems and thinking about mathematical concepts that resemble the ways employed by mathematicians” (Sword et al. 2015, p. 109), are increasingly the focus of professional development efforts for precollege mathematics teachers. Educators across the country are considering how to implement this approach to thinking about, doing, and teaching mathematics.
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