• Vol. 111, No. 5, March 2018


    Anna A. Davis and Candace Joswick
    Using the input/output definition, accurate renderings of objects in perspective are generated, and the inverse used to create anamorphic art.
    Kristal Cloft

    A murder mystery helps students actively engage in a mathematics classroom.

    Susan R. Popelka and Joshua Langlois
    Two high school calculus classroom activities use 3D printer models to generate volumes of solids of revolution and of known cross section. 
    Keith Nabb, Erick B. Hofacker, Kathryn T. Ernie, and Susan Ahrendt

    Selecting and sequencing student work with cognitively demanding tasks in a group environment can teach important mathematical ideas.

    Dawn Teuscher, Kylie Palsky, and Charlie Y. Palfreyman

    An “undoing” process can improve students’ conceptual understanding.


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    David TeSelle
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    Sirin Budak, Nesrin Sahin, and Bulent Dogan
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    David Schultz and Enrico Serpone
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    Anne Quinn
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