A Vehicle for Bivariate Data Analysis

  • A Vehicle for Bivariate Data Analysis

    Matt B. Roscoe
    Top-selling cars in America can be the catalyst that drives an analysis of data.
    Instead of reserving the study of probability and statistics for special fourth-year high school courses, the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) takes a “statistics for all” approach. The standards recommend that students in grades 6–8 learn to summarize and describe data distributions, understand probability, draw random samples, make inferences, and describe associations. In response to the growing needs of the nation in the area of data literacy (e.g., Franklin et al. 2007; U.S. Department of Labor 2014), changes to the mathematics education landscape require that students be given the opportunity to use statistics to create mathematical meaning from data. This article addresses this challenge by presenting a “vehicle” to meet many of the Common Core’s expectations.