• Vol. 24, No. 1, September 2018


    Diana L. Moss, Jennifer A. Czocher, and Teruni Lamberg

    For these sixth graders, transitioning from arithmetic to algebraic thinking involved developing new meanings for symbols in expressions and equations.

    Clayton Edwards

    Members of the Editorial Panel are spotlighting articles from the twenty-three-year history of MTMS. In this offering, the takeaways include student thinking and student voicing.

    Matthew Chedister

    To explore properties of quadrilaterals in a creative setting that focuses on discovery over memorization, assign your students the Wolves and Sheep problem.

    Darin Beigie

    Students use scientific notation to calculate how long it takes light to travel a variety of astronomical distances and then interpret the significance of their findings.

    Margaret Smith, Victoria Bill, and Mary Lynn Raith
    This article provides an overview of the eight effective mathematics teaching practices first described in NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All. 


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    Clayton Edwards
    Annie Perkins and Christy Pettis
    Leslie Nielsen
    J. Jeremy Winters and Dovie L. Kimmins
    Ricardo Martinez and Ji Yeong I
    Ellen Robinson, Xiaowen Cui, Hiroko K. Warshauer, and Christina Koehne
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    Aubrey Poulsen
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