Let’s get movin’

  • Let’s get movin’

    Terri L. Kurz and Alejandra Serrano
    To support students’ development of concepts in mathematics, the use of technology is often encouraged (Common Core State Standards Initiative [CCSSI] 2010). Technology can contextualize learning and provide a meaningful setting for mathematical ideas. Most teachers are supportive regarding the use of technology to encourage learning and understanding in mathematics (Kist 2012; Pierce and Stacey 2013). However, using technology can present many challenges. Particularly, technology training is not as strong as it could be in supporting teachers’ growth and ability to create lessons, and most teachers would like support in using technology in the classroom (Clarke and Zagarell 2012; Miranda and Russell 2012). To address this concern, this article presents a guide for an activity using graphing calculators and Calculator-Based Ranger™ 2 (CBR) as the technology to support understanding of position/time graphs with preservice elementary school teachers. Additionally, one of the preservice teachers taught the same lesson individually to a fifth-grade student who sometimes struggles in mathematics. The teacher’s reflections are included.
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