Writing Code to Assess Geometric Reasoning

  • Writing Code to Assess Geometric Reasoning

    Chris A. Bolognese
    Engage students and promote thinking in a student-centered environment that is rich with technology.
    Eliciting student thinking is paramount to effective mathematics teaching and learning. (Carpenter et. al 1989; Schoenfeld 2011). Although one can use many strategies and techniques to promote student thinking, technology is one resource that is often underutilized. Whether it is the informed use of calculators or an interactive website, technology can be leveraged to promote mathematical curiosity, reasoning, and communication. As discussed in NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All, when electronic tools are used meaningfully, “students have a greater sense of ownership of the mathematics that they are learning, since the applications promote a sense of shared enterprise in the learning of mathematics” (2014, p. 79). Indeed, in a meta-study of technology and student engagement, Moos and Marroquin (2010) found that student interest is enhanced when learners are free to use technology in student-centered environments.
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