• Vol. 24, No. 3, November 2017


    Erin Bittman and Sally Moomaw

    When children in this third-grade classroom used twenty-five square sticky notes to design artwork, they predicted that all the perimeters would be the same. Surprise!

    Lisa A. Brooks

    These strategies and tools can help students make sense of the value of U.S. coins.


    Douglas H. Clements, Karen C. Fuson, and Julie Sarama

    Analyses show that criticisms of CCSSM are incorrect. Research also provides guidelines for appropriate, effective, and joyful teaching and learning.  

    Kathleen Cramer, Sue Ahrendt, Debra Monson, Terry Wyberg, and Karen Colum

    Working with this challenging model helps students in urban classrooms in a large Midwestern city develop robust mathematical understandings.

    Jennifer M. Bay-Williams and Graham Fletcher

    Putting a twist on a popular mathematical tool, this collection of activities shows how putting a number 1 in the bottom-left cell and a 100 in the top-right cell can better support student reasoning.


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