• Vol. 24, No. 5, March 2018


    Megan H. Wickstrom and Tracy Aytes

     Examine second-grade students’ investigative processes, thinking, and revisions in this lesson using fish crackers. 

    Jonathan N. Thomas

    Explore different ways that gestures may influence particular mathematical situations.

    Laura E. Ryan and Leslie Dietiker
    To deepen students’ mathematical interest and knowledge, the authors use a mathematical story-planning framework to design and enact a fifth-grade measurement lesson.


    News and Views
    Robyn Silbey
    Problem Solvers Problem
    Mike Jacobs
    Problem Solvers Solutions
    Katie Hurckes and Sarah Bent
    Math by the Month
    Teodora Cox and Samantha Nickerson
    Amanda G. Sawyer and Daniel L. Sawyer
    Reviewing and Viewing
    Stephen Greenstein and Justin Seventko
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