• Increased Knowledge in Geometry and Instructional Practice

    Jane O. Swafford, Graham A. Jones, Carol A. Thornton
    This study examined the effects on instruction of an intervention program designed to enhance teachers' knowledge of geometry and their knowledge of research on student cognition in geometry. Forty-nine middle-grade (4–8) teachers participated in a 4-week program consisting of a content course in geometry and a research seminar on van Hiele theory. The pretest and posttest results showed significant gains in content knowledge and in van Hiele level. The analysis of a lesson-plan task revealed a significant shift in goals and expectations to the next higher van Hiele level. Follow-up observations of 8 teachers found marked changes in what was taught, how it was taught, and the characteristics teachers displayed. Teachers attributed these changes to increased geometrical content knowledge and research-based knowledge of student cognition.