• A Convergence of Transformative Multicultural and Mathematics Instruction? Dilemmas of Group Deliberations for Curriculum Change

    Khaula Murtadha-Watts, Beatriz S. D'Ambrosio
    In the work described here we report on our collaborative efforts to produce a multicultural mathematics curriculum for Grades K–6 that was socially transformative. We drew insights and direction from the following discourses: multicultural education, socially proactive mathematics, and preservice and in-service teacher deliberations. Through group deliberations, the analysis of existing mathematics and multicultural curricula, and the sharing of personal histories, we planned our teacher-research activities. Our goal was to define mathematics as a tool for social analysis. In this article we describe the perplexity of issues related to the definition of multicultural curricula and mathematics curricula for social transformation, the complexities of the group deliberative process, and the demands involved in the teacher-research process.