• The Value (and Convergence) of Practices Suggested by Motivation Research and Promoted by Mathematics Education Reformers

    Deborah Stipek, Julie M. Salmon, Karen Givvin, Elham Kazemi, Geoffrey Saxe, Valanne L. MacGyvers
    In this study we discuss convergence between instructional practices suggested by research on achievement motivation and practices promoted in the mathematics instruction reform literature, and we assess associations among instructional practices, motivation, and learning of fractions. Participants included 624 fourth- through sixth-grade students and their 24 teachers. Results indicated that the instructional practices suggested in literature in both research areas positively affected students' motivation (e.g., focus on learning and understanding; positive emotions, such as pride in accomplishments; enjoyment) and conceptual learning related to fractions. Positive student motivation was associated with increased skills related to fractions.