• An Analysis of Development of Sociomathematical Norms in One First-Grade Classroom

    Paul Cobb, Kay McClain
    The analysis reported in this paper contributes to the effort to understand how mathematics teachers might proactively support their students' mathematical learning by documenting one first-grade teacher's role in guiding the development of sociomathematical norms in her classroom. We highlight the learning opportunities that arose for both the teacher and her students during this process. The analysis therefore serves to clarify what teachers might actually do to support the emergence of the type of mathematical disposition advocated in reform documents. In addition, the analysis describes the decision-making processes that were involved in setting the teacher's agenda. This aspect of the paper focuses on the teacher's interactions as part of a research team whose dual focus was to support both the students' mathematical learning and their development of mathematical autonomy. The analysis was informed by and builds on Yackel and Cobb's (1996) discussion of sociomathematical norms.