Jump as far as you can

  • Jump as far as you can

    Melike Yigit, Laura Bofferding, and Miranda Warnock
    The How Far Do You Think You Can Jump? activity was completed in three different contexts: an after-school mathematics enrichment program at Woodland and Country Schools in Weston, Massachusetts; a small-group pull-out of second graders at Wren Elementary in Piedmont, South Carolina; and a family math night in Lafayette, Indiana. When first and second graders in the after-school program investigated the activity, their teachers, Ms. Lazo and Ms. Reynolds reported that students thought the activity “was the best!” Students in all three contexts explored concepts associated with the first- and second-grade Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) (CCSSI 2010). Concepts included estimating lengths, measuring lengths by iterating length units without gaps and determining the number of units used, comparing lengths to determine which is longest, and comparing lengths when different units are used.
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